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With over 40 years of combined experience, Wilcher & Associates is an established leader in the vocational reha­bilitation industry. We specialize in helping disabled individuals return to gainful employ­ment throughout Nevada. Our counselors have been in business long enough to truly understand the unique needs of local employers, employees, and insurance adminis­trators. Over the years, our staff has developed long-standing relationships with employers, health-care providers, hearing and appeals officers, state legislators, attorneys, and a number of state agencies all which are vitally necessary to efficiently and successfully rehabilitate even the most challenging cases. Wilcher and Associates has the unique distinction of being a privately held company in Nevada with offices in Carson City, Reno, and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Elko area is served out of the Reno office.




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6615 S. Eastern Ave. #100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

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Services Provided

Vocational Assessments

Different careers require different skills and qualifications for success. The assessments we provide indicate whether an individual is prepared for their local job market or whether acquiring further skills would be a better option.

Job Seeking Skills and Placement

Skills like composing a resume, marketing oneself, and being persistent are all crucial in the current competitive vocational climate. We provide aid in all of the above and sometimes we can even nail down the perfect job for you before you even apply.


There are multiple tests we can administer that indicate one's preparedness for their chosen career path or whether a different career path would be more desirable and pointed towards a persons specific personality and traits.

Return to Work and Early Intervention

Recently been injured and at risk of losing your job? The early intervention services we provide will help you be prepared for a successful transition and return to work. We can also work with current employers in finding another role you might be perfect for.

Counseling and Development

We are professional counselors that can talk you through the ins and outs of finding, applying, and finally acquiring a job you'll be satisfied with. Need more skills? We'll find a plan that's perfect for you, your budget, and your available time frame.

Job Site Analyses                             

Every workplace and each individual job site is different. We have the skills and training to ascertain the necessary function and capability one would need to work properly and without future incident on the job and at the various job situations that may come up.


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