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With over 40 years of combined experience, Wilcher & Associates is an established leader in the vocational rehabilitation industry. We specialize in helping disabled individuals return to gainful employment throughout Nevada. Our counselors have been in business long enough to truly understand the unique needs of local employers, employees, and insurance administrators. Over the years, our staff has developed long-standing relationships with employers, health-care providers, hearing and appeals officers, state legislators, attorneys, and a number of state agencies all which are vitally necessary to efficiently and successfully rehabilitate even the most challenging cases. Wilcher and Associates has the unique distinction of being a privately held company in Nevada with offices in Carson City, Reno, and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Elko area is served out of the Reno office.


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We at Wilcher and Associates know that finding the right vocational expert or counselor for you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Professional Staff



James M. Wilcher

Jim worked as an Industrial Rehabilitation Counselor for the state of Nevada (S.I.I.S.) prior to founding Wilcher & Associates in 1990. His professional training includes knowledge and experience of Nevada’s complex workers compensation system, as established in Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Code. James has been recognized as a vocational expert regarding workers compensation matters at both the hearings and appeals levels before the Nevada Department of Administration. James is also a recognized vocational expert with experience testifying at Federal and District Courts in Nevada and California.

James is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS) and Certified Case Manager (CCM). He is a member of the International Assoc. of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP), and he served as president for the Nevada chapter from 1993 through 1998.



Chapman University
B.A., Criminal Justice, 1976

University of Nevada, Reno
Graduate Coursework, Counseling and Personnel Services

Activities & Affiliations

  • International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Member, Former President of Nevada Chapter

  • Chamber of Commerce, Reno and Las Vegas

  • Chapman University Alumni Association




Rachelle Benge

Rachelle joined Wilcher & Associates in 2008 while earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Since earning her degree, she has been promoted into Vocational Rehabilitation as a counselor, and has since gained experience in Early Return to Work and Disability Case Management. Additional duties have included completion of vocational assessments and labor market surveys. Her ability to build positive relationships with the injured employee and his or her employer is of exceptional value to our clients.



South University
M.S., Criminal Justice, 2010

Activities & Affiliations

  • Certified Disability Management Specialist




Darin P. Cavallero

Darin has been serving Wilcher & Associates for over eight years. Darin obtained his CDMS in 2014, and is looking to utilize his skills in the vocational rehabilitation marketplace. Darin has experience with initial assessments, vocational counseling, labor market surveys, and early return to work cases. Darin has disability case management experience and has worked with multiple governmental organizations include the Veteran's and Social Security Administrations. 



University of Nevada, Reno
B.A., English (Writing), 2009 Graduate Coursework, Literature

Activities & Affiliations

  • Certified Disability Management Specialist

  • International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, Member